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By now it is impossible for you to not know about Whatsapp, well almost, for newer generations it is. Whatsapp has become one, if not the most, used instant messaging app in the market, in front of many other instant messaging apps. It has turn out to be a very practical and complete app for sending and sharing information in many formats, not just text, you can also send photos, videos, locations, audio files, etc.

Whatsapp in your PC its free

Whatsapp in your PC its free

Whatsapp has added more features to make it easier for you to organize and locate your chats and important information. You can have individual chats, groups which you can name; you can send the same message to many people without having to create a group, and more. Now, we know how connected we are nowadays with many different devices, we can be using our laptop and be in our cell phone at the same time answering messages or checking Facebook. Of course you can do all of that just in the computer or your laptop, but not be getting in and out of windows, your cell phone and your laptop better be with you.

For those that do not have smart phones, because we know they can be quite expensive, there is a choice to install Whatsapp in your PC for Windows by downloading an emulator of Android into your computer. First you need to check some requirement that your computer must have in order to support Whatsapp in your PC. First you need a Windows Vista operative system with Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista Service Pack 1, at least 2GB of RAM, Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 and 4 and core duo processor.

Then you need to download Bluestacks for Windows and Whatsapp that will be the simulator of the Android system. When the installing starts click the continue bottom, it will ask you for an installation route and you will just press “Next”. Then press “Install”. Then you just need to install Whatsapp by downloading the Whatsapp.apk from the simulator, then the installation it will be exactly as you will install in your phone.  And as simple as that you will have Whatsapp in your PC without spending on a smart phone.

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