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product certainly spoken by the whims of fate recently, here a new scam in circulation through the courier company use video calls as a hook, in this article we mentioned that we even have this product through more news we receive requesting the we Activásemos them. And suddenly, hints on the future integration in the application on the end offer a new service of video calling WhatsApp.

lately WhatsApp is constantly evolving, as we never seen before how he do it, long criticized Zuckerberg encryption end-to-end, us for its immobility, team now improve their group or file-sharing, has tabled and which not to forget, that officially free a few months ago, was without wrinkles, and now would be the video calls.

one of the processes that are performed during the development of applications is the translation, at least in applications that support different languages, it is almost parallel to the recording of various messages after collecting the correct language of the internal files of the same app.

Video llamadas WhatsApp

which is file often give us hints of what is to this new feature in the tests reach the application even now while the process appears to WhatsApp the translation, the word has, it hoped had exposed many long links times thank you. No date yet for the release of new features video calls drop.

at the moment, we have no information or we could test the functionality in the own beta, we hope that soon by Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, start to give more details on the future entrance of video calls.


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