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must be very careful with everything that comes to us via email or via our messaging account, especially if it seems too good to be true, and that is you are spreading fake coupons for H & M by WhatsApp promise us a voucher , the popular fashion store to buy, but actually lead to a blow at our economy can.

this new fraud has been discovered by the Spanish Guardia Civil, spreads through WhatsApp, try us with a voucher worth 50 euros to spend fashion from H & M stores and only asked, in turn four questions to answer assure us, that they a total of 150 coupons and only have a very simple questionnaire answer think also the format of an authentic document include the famous company , even with your logo, the truth is that the proposal also attractive, something back not to hide.

, if we carry out the survey, no profits requesting a message at the end of our phone we expected when we support their statements at the foot of the letter, SMS Premium, i.e., from that moment, they start to us send, messages and numbers for a character who can easily reach 20 euros a month, or maybe even a little more, fortunately, if you fall into the deception , we have an option to fix is our telephone company, the SMS Premium de registered call.

Estafa H&M en Whatsapp

the truth is that the WhatsApp scams are common. Yesterday, we met another case, in which you tried to activate SMS Premium calling program, also false vouchers for the famous chain of Zara stores have offered offer wrong video, and even in the supermarket, so that we distrust what should have this system comes Mercadona.

Tiendas H&M

is not surprising that they distribute vouchers fraudulent H & m whatsapp, since the popular application has already more than 1000 million users. So many scams, which are now carried out previously, email, may need the courier company carried keep caution and, especially not our contacts of this kind of messages, and also if we more minimal suspicion that put it to the attention of the authorities they cards in this matter.

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