How to get Whatsapp free

Most instant messaging apps come with some sort of cost. There are many that have hidden fees and services to pay that will be charged to your phone provider. Instant messaging allows us to overcome the costs imposed by mobile operators on regular SMS services, so that’s why most people try to find the best instant messaging app.

The best instant messaging app has to be one that doesn’t actively charge its users. For Android Whatsapp free is the best option because of its smart subscription process. Whatsapp is of free download; one is able to benefit from all of the functions it offers from the moment you complete the verification process. The catch is that, after a certain period of time, Whatsapp free will ask the user to pay a subscription fee, but at the same time, Whatsapp will confer the user another year of uninterrupted service. This may occur as many times as it is possible. Whatsapp will not cease to function if the user refuses to pay the expected fee, but the free trial will always be reconstituted, no matter what.

This allows users to calmly select whether they would like to pay for Whatsapp or not. There is no true difference between a paid account and a regular one. Users are able to choose if they want to pay and contribute to the developers, so they are able to keep further improving their product. If the user does not want to pay the disclosed amount, then nothing will happen and the user will be able to use Whatsapp for another year without too much trouble.

Whatsapp free for Android Users

In short, Whatsapp is free for Android, but it possesses a selective payment method where the user can freely choose whether to contribute or not. This payment scheme has been applied by several computer developers, so users are able to keep using the product, and as they gain trust in the application, they are more likely to eventually choose to pay any amount.

Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world; it has millions of users worldwide and it keeps expanding at a growing rate. Its payment scheme has contributed to all of this, along with the ease of the confirmation process.

If you are looking for a free instant messaging app, then Whatsapp is for you. Since a whole lot of people use this app, it should not be hard to find other users to chat. You can also choose to invite your contacts so they also install the app. Whatsapp lets you send and receive text, videos, images and audio in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Be sure of downloading the version of Whatsapp that’s compatible with your device.


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