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to the Internet be connected has its advantages and disadvantages, because even though is very useful, as it allows communication with thousands of people through social networks and Whatsapp , can also cause important reconciliation of sleep disorders, since what should not be done is abuse of consumption how can some passes , 24 hours a day is connected.

and is, as reported by the specialists of neurophysiology and disorders of sleep of the International Hospital Vithas Medimar of Alicante, the beginning of sleep to use and in addition this poor quality, less deep Javier Brualla , these tools to delay and restful.

“use of electronics, before you to bed go leads to what is called insomnia mediation, a delay in the development of sleep disorders should be a condition of greater spiritual activation due to two factors, which on the one hand, this creates preparing for a gradual transition to the action of sleep, on the generation of stimuli, which at the same time to interact, is still closed, with these tools” , which will hinder the subsequent occurrence of sleep “, explained the doctor Brualla.”

WhatsApp en la cama

continue, the light of the screens of these devices dramatically reduces the secretion of melatonin, a hormone by bedtime and turn off the light is released, and prevents that perform their usual function as an agent of dream and Synchronizer of the biological clock.

but these problems are typically more people between 18 and 32 years concern, at this point the expert more time in social networks are reported that researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (United States) observed that young people spend twice so often to have a sleep disorder than those who do not use these two services.

therefore the expert has stressed the need for mobile suspended or electronic devices at least an hour before you go to sleep and turn it off or let go at the time to it out of the reach of the hand in the bed. It is also important to seven hours a day sleeping, though in this sense the doctor Brualla recalls that sleep needs are individual and vary according to the person.

best rest depends on the dream not only the hours devoted to, it is also important, the quality is much more effective and refreshing a block compact deep sleep, has settled deep sleep for five hours at a time, to spend 10 hours in bed with a little full breaks.

the truth is that you read this famous specialist studies, gives us that think and implement their recommendations as necessary sleep hours one of the things, the most important thing for the people are, like eating or breathing, so that should not be abuse mobile phone according to the time, our brains need to rest, and although this is aimed at all activities , we commit ourselves through new technologies, with reference to the communication service said that if we do not use WhatsApp with caution can be harmful to our health, as you know, everything in excess is harmful.


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