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Right now everyone is looking for the best way to communicate. People find ways through social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, but instant messaging will always be the top priority when people want to get a message across to another person. The most direct way we have is using SMS, which are charged by our phone service operator. SMS often have limitations that do not allow us to send the amount of messages we would desire.

Mobile data plans do offer more SMS for a higher price, but the reality is that it is not a very effective way of communication. SMS only allows people to send and receive text messages. Now we seek to share photos, videos and audio files in the most direct way possible. For this, we have instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp.

What is WhatsApp? What is it used for?

Whatsapp is a mobile app that has been around for quite some time. It has become the most widely used instant messaging application that there is to date, being installed in millions of mobile devices. Whatsapp has been able to serve as a main way of communication between individuals thanks to the ease of its accessibility.

Whatsapp links your account with your phone number, so it is way simpler than creating an account and having to use some sort of password. The verification process used by Whatsapp is fast and efficient, which allows for inexperienced users to easily install the application, without having to ask for help from others.

By using Whatsapp, you will be able to send and receive video, images and audio with incredible ease. Whatsapp has direct access for your camera, so you can take pictures right when you need to. It also has a button that allows you to record high-quality voice messages that will be sent immediately when you release the button. You can also share contacts and locations through Whatsapp, which will be interpreted by the receiver regardless of the operative system they have on their phone.

Whatsapp allows you to reach contacts that do not have you on their contact list. Your message will be displayed in a way that the receiver is able to choose if he or she wants to block other messages coming from you, or if he or she wants to add your phone number to its contacts. This allows for seamless communication, since it basically allows for the same functions of SMS to be available, only that through the internet rather than standard mobile networks.

How to download whatsapp

It is very easy to download Whatsapp as it is available on most application markets. Whatsapp is an app that allows its users to take part in instant messaging with contacts that also have the application. Whatsapp is very easy to use and any mobile device with smart-phone functions is able to install Whatsapp.

The simplest way to download Whatsapp is to obtain it from the official page of the developers. All you have to do is access and click the button that says “Download Whatsapp”. You will be redirected to another page where several versions of Whatsapp will be available for download. You must choose the appropriate version for your mobile device. Whatsapp for iPhone will not work on Android devices and vice-versa, so make sure that you choose the version that will work on your smart device.

The other main method to download Whatsapp is to find it in your mobile app store. Open your smartphone’s app store and put “Whatsapp” in the search bar. The first result often corresponds to the latest version of Whatsapp; if this is not the case, then maybe Whatsapp is not available on your smartphone model, which is a very unlikely possibility.

Whatsapp is able to be installed even on old phones. The way that you can tell that your phone can use Whatsapp is to see if it’s able to browse the internet without too much trouble. Old phones that are neither Android, iOS or Blackberry are often able to install Whatsapp, so make sure that you can install this app to benefit from all the advantages it offers.

After you have downloaded Whatsapp, just follow the instructions that appear on screen. Whatsapp will ask for permissions to have access to your contacts and phone settings. Then, Whatsapp will start the verification process by sending a SMS to your mobile device; this process is completed automatically, so you do not need to worry about taking note of a certain code. After this is finished, you will be able to send and receive Whatsapp messages freely.

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